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Who can use Shopmobility Enniskillen?

Anyone over the age of 16 (under 16’s have restrictions on equipment, but can sign up with a parent or guardian).


Do I have to be registered disabled?

No. You don’t even need a Blue Badge. All you need to do is bring 2 forms of ID (see Membership section) and fill out a membership form. 


What equipment do you have?

We have electric scooters and wheelchairs (self-propelled & transit).


How do I know the equipment is safe?

All of our equipment is maintained and serviced by outside engineers, with knowledge, experience and accredited training that is specific to mobility equipment and the makes we use.  We ensure any defects identified by either ourselves, or by members, are checked and fixed before being allowed back out. Additionally, each item is fully serviced at least once a year.


How do you know I'm safe?

Before we send you out on any of the equipment by yourself, particularly the electric scooters, we make sure you are trained and comfortable in handling it. We provide comprehensive, one-on-one training to ensure you know the limits of the equipment as well the rules you must abide by. We won't let you out alone unless you are able to control the equipment safely and aware of your responsibilities whilst in control of it. 

Please be aware that the training can take between 30 & 45 minutes, and you should be prepared to take this time on your first visit.


Where are you?

Our main office is based inside Enniskillen Bus Depot, beside the ticket office.

When are you open?

Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm in the Bus Depot. We also have a booking service available if you want to borrow equipment on a Saturday.


How much does it cost?

That’s the best bit. It’s FREE! Daily hire costs nothing. We can even let you hire equipment over longer periods, from overnight up to 3 months for a small charge. See Booking and Charges for information.

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